Ant Treatment

Ant Treatment

Ants are some of the most industrious animals on the planet. They are always scurrying around to do something, always active. They can be beautiful to watch as they go about their daily activities, but when the setting of that particular movie is your house, and the cast number in the thousands, it stops becoming beautiful and starts becoming a little scary.

Not to worry though, an ant infestation is not particularly dangerous; it can just be very annoying and can cause some other issues which will be discussed later. So, it is a good idea to get rid of the ants, no matter how mesmerizing watching them might be. 

But first, you need to determine if you have an ant infestation in the first place. Let us talk about that for a bit


Ants crawling over exposed food – This is one of the early signs that you have an ant infestation. Ants are always looking for food, so when you leave your leftovers out and you come back and it’s overrun by ants, you know there is an issue. 

Behavior – Ant infestations are always in your face and are difficult to miss, with hundreds of little ants sprawling all over your sidewalk, yard, or even inside your home. Most times, ant infestations also include mounds of anthills or obvious ant colonies within cracks in the sidewalk or near a window or door in your home. 

Ant Pathways– Some ants are in the habit of laying down an actual pathway made of pheromones in their wake all the way to a food source. This is to attract other ants to that food source. If you spot trails like this in or outside your home or business, then you likely have an ant infestation. 

Ant Nests– some ant nests look like small piles of sand on the floor, while some make their nests inside walls and in dark places. Others build anthills (like termites) outside your house. Whenever you see any of these nests, you might have an ant problem. 


There is nothing fun about finding out that you have an ant infestation. This could have happened to a multitude of reasons:  

       If you have a lot of sidewalks with cracks near your home, ants may simply have wandered off from their newly acclaimed sidewalk colony and expanded territory into your yard.  

       If you have a property with lots of loose dirt or sand, ants like to formulate colonies there due to the soil being easy to transport for their own nests. 

       Ants can also infest your home if there are lots of dirt and open food lying around. The ants might have come inside because they sniffed out something in your home such as an open box of cereal or some spilled sugar in a cabinet.  

       Having vegetation near your home can also be a cause of an ant infestation, especially if they are trees with lots of leaves.   

So, there are several reasons why ants can infest your house. Regardless of the reason, though, you really should get rid of them because they can cause issues in your house. 


While most ants pose no serious physical harm to people, they can still cause quite a bit of havoc if they are not checked. Here are some of the reasons you need to fix your ant problem: 

       They can destroy your plants, property, and home by existing and moving in such mass quantities. Ants that have entered your food cabinets can cause costly damage to your groceries. 

       Their excavating for ant colonies can make your yard look messy.  

       Ants travel in packs of hundreds or thousands. If you see one or two ants, most likely there are a hundred more waiting to take over your yard or home.  You have to handle it quickly. 

       If carpenter ants infest your house, they could cause a lot of damage to the structure of your house. They are single-handedly responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of property damage all over the United States every year. If you see these large, black (sometimes with a red tint) ant scurrying around your floors, pick up your phone and dial that exterminator post haste. 


Ant problems are less likely to go away on their own without a proper interior and exterior ant treatment. It is a problem that will keep getting worse until you fix it. 

The first thing that you should do is to call a professional ant exterminator. When you reach out to our team, we will figure out what is attracting them and making them come inside your house. We will then perform effective ant control and keep the infestation from taking over your property and home. 

Our team will also provide ant extermination to the area of your property where the ant colony is located and trace where the ants are coming from and how they have entered your home, effectively eliminating the problem. It will all be done professionally and cleanly without putting any stress on you or your house. Our treatments are safe for you and your family, and your pets too. 


To discourage further ant problems, here are some precautionary steps that you can take: 

       Ensure that all food products are safely sealed and put away in shelves and containers. 

       Seal up cracks and crevices in your home. You can use a caulking gun for this. 

       If you see an ant trail anywhere in your house, use window cleaner, soapy water, or a vinegar solution to spray it. This helps to wash away the pheromones that the ants follow to the source of food. 

       Make sure you promptly clean out your garbage cans (inside and outside). 

       Ensure that water drains out of your house properly and efficiently. Check your pipes frequently and fix anyone that leaks 

–    Make use of crushed stone around your house instead of mulch.