Bird Treatment

House Sparrow against white background

Birds are everywhere, they are one of the most abundant animal species on earth. Many are beautiful to look at, fun to watch, and are harmless to you or your pets. They add color and beauty to the landscape and their twittering can be melodious. 

It is not all bright colors and music with birds though, some birds can be a nuisance and even constitute a health concern for you and your family. It is important to note that you need to be careful about how you treat birds, many of them are protected under Federal Migratory Bird Treaty and the Endangered Species Act.  

There are three species of birds that are not protected under any of these acts. These birds are classified as pests, they do not have any natural predators, and they can cause a lot of trouble for you. They are pigeons, house sparrows, and European starlings. 

Regardless of the species, bird infestations are no fun and the problem should be taken care of quickly and efficiently. 


If you are not sure you have a bird problem, here are some things to look out for: 

       The first step in determining if you have a bird problem is identifying which bird is infesting you. The more common pest birds include: pigeons, which have greyish plumage with black bars on either wing and measure around 11 inches; house sparrows which are about 5-6 inches long and have light brown or reddish-brown plumage; and European starlings which get as long as 8 inches and have dark-colored plumage with faint speckles during the cold months. If it is not any of these, do some research to find out. If you have any of these birds settling on your roofs, ledges, wires, and cables in large numbers, you might have an infestation. 

        The presence of bird droppings all over your house; on your vehicles, patio, roof, ledges, everywhere 

       You will not be able to rest because of bird noises round the clock, especially if the birds have chicks. 

       You may also have debris from bird nests and feathers scattered all over your house. 

       There may be extensive damage to your home from bird pecking and their droppings which are quite powerful and can corrode metal, wood, even concrete. 


Birds are attracted to your property for a few reasons, here are some: 

       In their search for suitable places to make their nests, birds are attracted to wooded areas with a lot of trees. You might be at risk of an infestation if your house is in a place like this 

       If your house has awnings or openings into the safety of an attic, then a bird infestation may be inescapable. You should note that some types of birds will even make their nests on exposed supports on porches and garages.  


Birds are cute and you may even have some birds as pets, but when there’s a lot of them and they are besieging your home, they become annoying and you just want to get rid of them. 

       Research has shown that there are over 60 diseases that can be transmitted by birds, many of which could be fatal to some people and cause others to fall ill. 

       Bird droppings and urine are very corrosive and can eat through any building material including iron, steel, wood, stone, and marble. They can also contain pathogens that can cause illnesses when handled or inhaled. 

       If you have fruit trees growing around your house, birds will compete with you for the right to eat those fruits, and you will lose, most times. 

       Birds have also been known to destroy gardens and lawns in their search for nesting materials 


Bird removal should be handled by a bird removal expert because many bird species are protected, and also because they can spread many harmful diseases if not handled correctly. It is highly recommended that you should not attempt to remove, trap or shoot the problem birds yourself. 

Our bird experts are local to your area and can help you remove the species of birds that are common to your part of town. They have been doing this for a long time and will adhere to bird laws while humanely removing your bird problem.  


If you want to prevent a recurrence of your bird infestation , you have to make a conscious effort to stop them from coming back. Here are some simple steps that you can follow: 

       You can employ decoys like hanging CDs from trees or put out a scarecrow to help keep birds at bay.  

       Make sure that you plug any hole or crack that birds can use to enter your home.  

       It is a good idea to remove their food sources. If you have a bird feeder and it is attracting more pest birds than you bargained for, you can have it removed or emptied. And if you are eating outside, be mindful of food crumbs and drink spills. 

       Remove potential nesting spots. Birds love nesting in tees, but you cannot go about removing all the trees from your property because of birds. But you can make sure they are regularly trimmed and that there are no low hanging branches. 

       You might also want to take care of potential water sources. Birds have to drink too, and a small water puddle in your yard or a bowl left in your yard that has collected rainwater might just be what they need. 

       If you have ledges or other flat structures where birds can nest, you can eliminate that risk by placing spikes and sticky glues on them.