Seeing a pest in Florida? We can help! Florida, being the southernmost state on the East Coast, offers mild, humid, and very warm weather year-round, which means pests are also a year-round problem in the Sunshine State. If you live close to marshland, you may find snakes and lizards may be problematic. Ants, particularly Fire Ants, are also a common pest problem in Florida as well, along with many other pests that thrive in warm temperatures.

When you think of Florida, you probably think beaches and amusement parks. With coastlines on both sides of the state, you have no shortage of swimming and aquatic activities. You also are in a prime location for amusement parks, aquariums, and other attractions. Whether you want to take a trip through the Everglades, visit the Florida Keys, or enjoy some time in Tallahassee, you can always find something to do or visit while in Florida.


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