In Oregon you will run into a number of different animals. But it is most likely that beavers will be one of the animals you run into. Oregon is not called “the Beaver State” for nothing. Pests that you might come across in this Pacific Northwest state include fleas, ticks, black widow spiders, and ants. But there are also gorgeous and majestic animals to see like the bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, cougar, and harbor seal.

It’s not just about the animals in this diverse state. Oregon is one of the geographically diverse states in the United States. It is next to the Pacific Ocean, but it also has volcanoes, deserts, mountains, shrublands, and forests. If you prefer the company of people, there is also Portland and its wealth of restaurants and cultural events. No matter what type of life or vacation you want, Oregon has something to offer you.


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