snake infestation signs to remember

Here are some of the most common snake infestation signs to remember

Snakes have always been a symbol of threat and danger to humans. They instill an eerie sense of fear and discomfort in many people. Ophidiophobia is described as the fear of snakes. It is one of the most common phobias that people suffer from. Few experiences are more daunting than finding a snake in your home. 

Snake infestations are quite common in many households across the US and they can be a real nuisance for many people. Most snake infestations involve Garter snakes. They are a harmless and non-poisonous species of snake that are found in North and Central America. 

However, there have also been cases of rattlesnakes and even pit vipers infesting homes. While snake infestations are not necessarily a life-threatening scenario, they can cause a whole host of problems for residents. 

Therefore it’s important to know the signs and dangers of a snake infestation and why it’s necessary to get rid of them in a proper manner.

Signs of Snake Infestations

There are certain telltale signs that indicate the presence of snakes in your house. Snakes are sneaky and spotting one in your home is not always easy. Snakes prefer to live in cold dark places and don’t normally confront humans. 

Look out for the following common signs of snakes infestations in your home:

Dangers of Snake Infestations:

Bear in mind that snakes don’t normally attack humans. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Snakes are actually fearful of humans and will do their best to avoid humans when possible. They attack only if they are provoked. Still, snake infestations are a nuisance and are a cause of the following dangers:

Threat to Humans

Findings from WHO state that there are 600 venomous species of snakes out of a total of 3000 species. Snake’s venom attacks the circulatory and nervous systems. Approximately 100,000 people die from snake venom every year. 

Threat to Pets

Although attacks on humans are rare, pets are much more likely to be attacked by snakes. Some pets, such as birds and chickens are natural prey for snakes. Snakes also attack other pets such as cats and dogs, possibly resulting in their deaths.

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