prevention of ant infestation

Here are some very useful methods in the treatment and prevention of ant infestation

Unlike snakes or skunks, ants are social insects that live in colonies. Of course, a single ant isn’t harmful so when we’re talking about ant infestations, we’re usually talking about ant colonies being formed inside people’s homes. 

Ant colonies can contain hundreds and even thousands of ants. In the United States, the most common types of ant infestations are carpenter ants, crazy ants, fire ants, argentine ants, and leafcutter ants. 

Ant infestations are more common during the warmer months when ants are more active. Getting rid of an ant infestation is not a difficult task. These nasty little critters can easily be taken care of by following some simple steps. However, first, we must look into the causes of ant infestations

Causes/Signs of Ant Infestations:

However, some species, such as carpenter ants may invade homes in order to create colonies inside moist or decaying wood. Ants can either choose to build nests outside the house and enter the house to forage for food, or they can actually build nests/colonies inside the house.

However, when ants locate a food source, they leave a chemical pheromone alerting the entire nest about the location of the food source. Then, ants take the food back to their nest by going in a long trail. Following their trail can help you locate their nest.

Treatment and Prevention:

They can also cause damage to food supplies and property depending on where they build their nests. Furthermore, ants reproduce rapidly so their colonies can spread quickly. When talking about removing ant infestations, people immediately think of using chemical sprays or insect repellants. This is not a permanent solution because of the following two reasons:

  1. Insect repellants will only kill a few dozen ants, and the numbers are in thousands in an infestation
  2. Many store-bought insect repellents contain harmful chemicals that might damage a garden or other useful insects like ladybugs.

Secondly, make sure that whatever is attracting ants inside your home i.e. food, etc is taken care of. This can be done by cleaning kitchen spills, placing food inside airtight containers or in the fridge, and making sure that no leftover crumbs are found. 

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